Perpetual Relief
Devil tarot
November 2010

Thanks to everyone who came out to the DIY Trunk Show 2010. If you're wishing you'd picked up that awesome hired gun/Poe/Beatles/etc. print, shoot PR a note and your friend/cousin/Aunt Edna can still get it in time for the holidays.

And yes, 2011 will probably be The Year PR Gets an Online Store, so stay tuned for that.

December 11, 2008

What do Ken Bruen, miniskirts, and a guy named Boris have in common? Check out the interview with What To Wear During an Orange Alert? Orange Alert was named one of the best websites in the Chicago area by Chicago Magazine.
Hardcore Hardboiled

June 2008

Very pleased to announce that's Hardcore Hardboiled is available for everyone's reading pleasure - features not only a new short story by freaking Ken Bruen (!!!) but also some guy named "Jeffrey Bangkok" (who could that be...?). The Bangkok story previously appeared in an earlier (online) issue of Thuglit.